• Sixteen years old
  • Current C.P.R.
  • Current First Aid
  • Lifeguard certification
Work is performed under the general supervision of the Head Guard.

  • Observes swimmers from guard stand or poolside and cautions swimmers of rule violations to enforce pool safety rules.
  • Conducts appropriate emergency and rescue techniques including cardiopulmonary resuscitation for distressed or drowning swimmers.
  • Administers first aid to pool patrons for injuries such as cuts, abrasions, sprains, and contusions to provide basic medical assistance as needed.
  • Reports injuries, accidents, and assistance rendered to patrons to the pool manager and documents each occurrence to maintain proper files on such occurrences.
  • Cleans pool, pool area, and restrooms to maintain a clean and sanitary facility.
  • Inspects pool equipment such as ladders, diving boards, and guard stands.
  • Monitors and documents water quality to ensure that the pool water maintains a proper chemical balance.
  • Assists with special events, swim meets, and swimming classes.
  • May perform head lifeguard or cashier duties to assist the pool manager in pool operation duties.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.